ePUB Proofreading Checklist

Front matter

  •         Correct cover
  •         If back cover included, check that barcode and print ISBN removed
  •         Other Books by page moved to back of ePub
  •         ePub ISBN added to copyright page
  •         Printer’s key deleted from copyright page
  •         TOC linked correctly
  •         TOC hierarchical view correct, fonts correct (check for space between ligatures)
  •         Unicode displaying properly



  •         Part titles correct and aligned properly
  •         Chapter titles correct and aligned properly
  •         Epigraphs aligned properly; soft line returns removed; poetic indents accurate
  •         Heads present and correct
  •         Cross reference links in text active and accurate
  •         Notes in text linked to Notes section and accurate
  •         URL links in text active and accurate
  •         Make sure dingbats/line spaces are applied consistently in text, always a dingbat or always just a line space


Back matter

  •         Notes linked properly
  •         Bibliography formatted properly with hanging indents. Any links to URLs live
  •         Index linked properly. Layout appropriate
  •         About the Author has live links to author site; author image appears appropriately



The following elements should be included in the metadata of all ePUB files.

  •         <dc:title> </dc:title>
  •         <dc:title id=”Subtitle”> </dc:title>
  •         <dc:language> </dc:language>
  •         <dc:identifier id=”PrimaryID” opf:scheme=”ISBN”></dc:identifier>
  •         <dc:creator opf:role=”aut” opf:file-as=”Lastname, Firstname”></dc:creator> [the complete list of roles is here: http://www.loc.gov/marc/relators/relacode.html%5D
  •         <dc:creator opf:role=”edt” opf:file-as=”Lastname, Firstname “></dc:creator>
  •         <dc:creator opf:role=”ill” opf:file-as=”Lastname, Firstname “></dc:creator>
  •         <dc:description></dc:description>
  •         <dc:subject>BISAC Code 1</dc:subject>
  •         <dc:subject>BISAC Code 2</dc:subject>
  •         <dc:subject>BISAC Code 2</dc:subject>
  •         <dc:subject>BISAC Description 1</dc:subject>
  •         <dc:subject> BISAC Description 2</dc:subject>
  •         <dc:subject> BISAC Description 3</dc:subject>
  •         <dc:publisher>Loyola Press</dc:publisher>
  •         <dc:date opf:event=”publication”>2011-04-15</dc:date>
  •         <dc:source>978-0-8294-3544-3</dc:source>
  •         <dc:rights>Copyright © 2007 by Bert Ghezzi</dc:rights>
  •         <meta name=”keyword” content=”keyword1″/>
  •         <meta name=”keyword” content=”keyword2″/>
  •         <meta name=”keyword” content=”keyword3″/>
  •         <meta name=”price” content=”USD 12.95″/>
  •         <meta name=”cover” content=”my_cover_image”/>



Go to http://threepress.org/document/epub-validate/ to validate ePUB file.



Review all ePUBs on the following devices/readers

  •         Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)
  •         Sony Reader
  •         Nook
  •         IBIS Reader (Web-based reader at http://ibisreader.com/)

 Review Kindle/Mobi files on Kindle or Kindle Previewer

1 thought on “ePUB Proofreading Checklist

  1. This is great informative stuff! I had to figure all of this out when I was doing my own book. It’s nice to have it all organized in one place. But why doesn’t your list include the iPad or the Kobo?

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