Post-Apocalyptic Sunrise is a blog about endings and beginnings. It is about deaths and rebirths. It is about ending points and starting points.

The focus of this blog will be three primary subjects: (1) the publishing industry, particularly digital publishing, metadata, and the changes occurring in the industry; (2) post-apocalyptic fiction, movies, graphic novels, music, scientific speculation, religious tracts, or anything else examining the end of one time and the beginning on another; (3) my own life and the world we live it as it changes dramatically around us, as the old withers away and the new is born in some strange, unexpected form.

  1. The Publishing Industry: I am a twenty-year veteran of trade publishing and have spent the last few years thinking almost exclusively about digital publishing and the changes it is causing in this industry. The number of blogs, articles in mainstream media, and interviews proclaiming that publishing is dead are legion, and all wrong. Book publishing is at a great transition point, and no one really knows where it will end up. This is an exciting time as we create the future from the corpse of the past.
  2. Post-Apocalyptic Fiction: From a young age I have been fascinated with post-apocalyptic novels, movies, and graphic novels. There is something wonderful in exploring the idea of our world changing rapidly and fundamentally, and what that would mean to us on a personal level and as a civilization. Some great minds have asked “What if our world was changed in an instant?” Their answers often speak to the very question of what it means to be human.
  3. My Life, and Yours: In a world of terrorist attacks, peak oil, global warming, mutating viruses, in a world of global communications, online communities, technological advances, medical breakthroughs, our lives can change dramatically overnight. The hopeless can be easily healed; the stable can be easily disrupted. We live in a fascinating time, but one that can be extremely difficult if we cling desperately to the past.

I hope you enjoy these posts and respond to them.

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